Snapper Lawn Mower Parts

Snapper conveniently provides Snapper lawn mower parts manuals as well as the nomenclature information about the parts of its various mowers. For example, the following are the essential parts of a Snapper walk behind mower: recoil rope guide, blade control, primer and primer bulb, rope start handle, knobs, fuel filler cap, oil fill cap and dipstick, air cleaner, muffler, cutting deck, recycling cover, and cutting height adjustment bushings.

For two years from date of purchase, for the original purchaser’s residential, non-commercial use, Snapper, through any authorized Snapper dealer will replace, free of charge (except for taxes where applicable), any Snapper lawn mower parts that are found upon examination at its factory at McDonough, Georgia, to have defect or defects in material or workmanship or both. In cases where the original purchaser uses the lawn mower for commercial, rental, or other nonresidential purposes, the limited warranty period is ninety days from purchase date.

Snapper’s warranty does not apply to parts damaged by accident, alteration, abuse, improper lubrication, normal wear, or other cause beyond the control of Snapper. The warranty does not cover any machine or component Snapper lawn mower parts that have been altered or modified, changing their safety, performance, or durability. If you use replacement parts other than genuine Snapper parts, they may impair the safety of Snapper products and will nullify any liability and warranty by Snapper associated with the use of such parts.

Important safety instructions for Snapper lawn mower parts include not putting one’s hands or feet near or under rotating parts. Keep clear of the discharge area while the engine is running. Before cleaning, repairing, or inspecting, make certain that the engine, blade, and all moving parts have stopped. Check your mower’s grass bag assembly frequently for wear or deterioration so that you can avoid thrown objects and exposure to moving Snapper lawn mower parts.

When troubleshooting excessive vibration of your Snapper mower, a probable cause may be loose blade components. The corrective action for this is to service and tighten loose Snapper lawn mower parts.

Use genuine Snapper lawn mower parts for maintenance or replacement, to make sure that original standards and quality of the mower are kept up. Your neighborhood Snapper dealer can help you with genuine repair or replacement Snapper lawn mower parts and accessories. Contact a local Snapper dealer for assistance with Snapper lawn mower parts and service. When you contact the service center for replacement parts, service, or information, you should mention the following numbers: model name/number and engine serial numbers.

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