Snapper Rear Engine Mower

Snapper invented the rear engine riding mower, which explains why they’ve been ahead of the pack since then. In America, the Snapper rear engine mower is the number 1 seller among rear engine mower brands.

As the easy choice for a great-looking lawn every time out, the Snapper rear engine mower has a variety of models, a range of engines that feature the power of the Briggs & Stratton Power Products Group, along with a variety of cutting widths. Power levels are stated gross horsepower based on SAE J1940 as rated by Briggs & Stratton.

You can select from a standard mower deck or a Hi-Vac deck. Most of Snapper’s rear engine mowers offer three-in-one convertibility so that you get three mowing choices: bag, side discharge, or mulch your grass clippings, depending on lawn conditions and your personal preferences.

The patented Ninja Mulching System of the Snapper rear engine mower produces really high quality in mulching performance. Because of the six unique cutting surfaces on each Ninja blade, grass clippings are cut and recut into extremely fine mulch that vanishes into the lawn and decomposes fast.

The exclusive five-speed disc drive transmission design eliminates complicated clutches and provides a Snapper rear engine mower with easy forward/reverse drive. The disc travels across the drive plate so that it achieves ground speed of 1.0 to 4.6 / 0.0 – 1.9 mph fwd/rev.

The quick-response steering of the Snapper rear engine mower is due to a one-to-one steering ratio that helps you maneuver easily around tight spots and make quick turns. A pivoting frame allows the mower to easily adjust to the contours of any lawn for a smooth cut. The width of a Snapper ea engine mower is from 32 to 41 inches, including the mower deck with deflector extended.

The list price for a Snapper rear engine mower is from $1,359 to $2,249 with taxes, freight, and delivery not included. These prices may vary by dealer. Dealer promotions include (1) deferred interest to 2/20/12 with minimum monthly payment due, (2) twelve months deferred interest with monthly payment due, (3) six months deferred interest with monthly payment due, and (4) 1.9 percent for 36 months (equal payments).

A typical Snapper rear engine mower may have any of these model numbers: 28115BV, 28125BVE, 33175BVE, 30115BV, and 30125BVE. The model number explanation is as follows:

The cutting deck widths can be 28, 30, or 33 inches. The engine horsepower may be 11.5, 12.5, or 17.5 hp (although the actual sustained equipment horsepower is likely to be lower because of operating limitations and environmental factors). B stands for the Briggs engine, while V means the over head valve engine type, and E is for the electric-start engine option.

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