Snapper Walk Behind Mowers

Whether a homeowner’s yard is big or small, with wide-open spaces or lots of trees and landscaping to trim around, there are Snapper walk behind mowers for it. The homeowner can choose between push mowers and self-propelled models. With Snapper’s famous three-in-one convertibility, most models of Snapper walk behind mowers can be converted from bagging to side discharge to mulching. Four series of Snapper walk behind mowers are available: Hi-Vac, mulching, Pivot-N-Go, and SE series.

The Hi-Vac series of lawn mowers, most of which are self-propelled, have a high-volume top-discharge mower deck and a high-lift blade that combine to give you the ultimate in bagging performance. The bagging systems on these mowers are factory installed. The mowers also have smooth-turn differential and dependable disc-drive transmission to make the chore of mowing your lawn a breeze.

The mulching series of Snapper walk behind mowers are self-propelled lawn mowers that efficiently recycle lawn trimmings as well as yard debris, giving you great cut and no waste. The mulching walk behind mowers’ lineup has a wide range of easy-pull and electric-start engines. All 21-inch mowers of this type feature the Ninja mulching system.

The Pivot-N-Go product lineup consists of newer self-propelled mowers that feature a pivoting handle for adjusting the forward speed so that if you move the pivoting handle farther forward, the mower goes faster forward. A Pivot-N-Go mower has variable speed up to four miles per hour. The Briggs & Stratton ReadyStart engine makes it unnecessary to prime or choke the mower engine. With just one pull, you’ll be off and mowing. The engines are also equipped with the Fresh Start fuel cap, which can keep fuel fresh for six months. Snapper uses common sense in its approach to innovation and produces mowers that provide the right features you need for the way you mow.

SE series walk behind mowers are loaded with features you would expect plus some you wouldn’t. For ultimate comfort and convenience, Snapper equipped these mowers with adjustable handles that can be adjusted without the need for tools.

Snapper walk behind mowers tend to have the following essential parts: (1) recoil rope guide, (2) blade control, (3) primer and primer bulb, (4) rope start handle, (5) knobs, (6) fuel filler cap, (7) oil fill cap and dipstick, (8) air cleaner, (9) muffler, (10) cutting deck, (11) recycling cover, and (12) cutting height adjustment bushings. When it comes to Snapper walk behind mowers, the only real decision you will need to make is choosing which is best for you. Snapper is all about one thing: giving you straightforward, easy-to-use, and reliable cutting equipment.

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